Nikon D850 FX format Digital SLR Camera
I have noticed many professional photographers usually carry two cameras with them. Do you know why?
It is because till now there was no SLR which has super high resolution and high speed shooting together.
But now it is Nikon D850, which is a good combination of both. That is why it got great hype to the company’s
announcements in early 2017 and when finally the cover came off it looks incredibly promising.
It has some brilliant features which can satisfy every photographer’s need. From 45.7 MP sensor, ISO range of
64000-25600 to 153 auto focus system and many more amazing technical specs made it an all-rounder in the market slr.
This review I will discuss about some of its mind-blowing features in detail. Let’s have a look :
Nikon D850 design:
Nikon has engineered once again a very strong camera. Which feels extremely well-constructed. After talking about
its robustness , this is built around a magnesium alloy chassis. It,s fully weather proof to prevent any kind of moisture.
It is also sealed so that dust and dirt cannot penetrate through the body and damaging the internals. On this Nikon SLR you
will not find the pop-up flash because they decided to take it off.

Though it was useful on the D810. You will not be able to identify the difference between D810 and D850 from the front side.
However if you hold it in your hand you will surely feel the difference of the grip. The grip is little deeper than the D810.
For a serious photographer the key factors are comfort and good feel. Normally a photographer spends hours with camera so feeling
comfortable is important and on that point the D850 really excels.
Nikon D850 body:

View finder and screen:
Nikon D850 SLR has constructed with tilting touchscreen. The screen is the same 2.36 mdot LCD. It can be tilts up and down for waist
–level shooting. The angle of tilt is good for any kind of shooting. The way touch screen can be used now to change menu settings or
browse is better than D500.The viewfinder is impressive as the screen. Its 0.75x magnification and 100% frame coverage it offers a
very pleasant view. The viewfinder has no lag, very short blackout time. It has an option to prevent any light leakage problems
during long exposures.


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